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A Super Mario Theme Park Is Due To Open In Japan In 2021

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By this time next year, players from around the world will be able to participate in a real-life experience playing the Super Mario game within the Super Nintendo World at a Universal Studios Japan. Players will be allowed to collect coins by jumping and also play a real-life version of Mario Kart. This will be considered the gaming company Nintendo's first venture into theme parks. 

The park, which will be based in Osaka, Japan, was originally set to open this July, but was postponed to the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic. Along with a Yoshi dinosaur ride, the theme park-goers will be able to experience interactive games allowing you to jump over obstacles, collect coins, and hit blocks. 

The park has not released much information detailing specifically how people will be able to play, but it is all set to open up right before the Olympic Games next year, which will be hosted by Japan, in order to gain tourist traction. Japan Today also reported that a Mario-themed restaurant will open up next week.

Source: Japan Today