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A 'Surcharge' Will Soon Be Added To NYC Restaurants For COVID-19

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A bill was passed by the New York City Council allowing restaurants in New York City to add a COVID-19 surcharge up to 10% for customers dining either indoors or outdoors. The charge is to cover the cost of accommodating for coronavirus restrictions. Restaurants will have an option to add the additional charge, but are not required to. 

Should any restaurant choose to implement the surcharge, they must clarify that the additional charge may not be substituted for tax or tip by the customer. The option is reportedly there for restaurant who do not wish to raise food prices in order to keep up with restaurant costs, said Councilman Joseph Borelli to CNN.

New York City had apparently been the only city that had a ban on applying a surcharge in restaurants, while other businesses like spas and gas stations were able to. With the new bill passing, it allows the most popular industry in New York to apply the charge.