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A Surprising Use for a Banana Peel

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Smoothies, monkey food, and slipping cartoon characters: these are a few of the typical associations around banana peels. Nearly anyone can tell you that they're a terrific snack, but not many would say that you have any reason to use the peel for much besides compost. But if you've ever gotten a poison ivy rash or a mosquito bite, a banana peel might be just what the doctor ordered.

If you're unfortunate enough to get a skin itch like poison ivy, poison oak, nettle sting, or insect bite, a banana peel can help temporarily relieve the itch. This is because of the oil that naturally occurs in banana peels, which functions a lot like aloe vera. The oil doesn't treat the rash or bite, but it helps bring down some swelling and moisturize the area enough to relieve mild discomfort. Make sure that you wash the affected area first with mild soap and water, to eliminate any bacteria or oil and other substances from the plant or animal source. Then, rub the inside of a fresh banana peel on the rash, and breathe a sigh of relief! It doesn't work as well with saved banana peels, though, so discard or compost any peels that you can't use immediately.

Now THAT'S an a-peeling home remedy!

Photo: Pixabay