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A teen who had been pronounced dead miraculously begins blinking right before his organs are donated.."

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Doctors told his bereaved relatives that there was nothing else they could do, so they said their final goodbyes. However, he miraculously started breathing on his own not long after. 

After the terrible accident, Lewis Roberts, 18, seemed to have given up the battle for survival.

According to Stoke on Trent Live, despite being told he had "zero chance" of survival, he started breathing on his own.

"On March 13, Lewis sustained catastrophic head injuries when he was hit by a van in his hometown of Leek and was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery," said appeal organizer Chloe Roberts.

"Four days later, the doctors told our family that there was nothing more that could be done because he had sadly suffered a 'brain stem death and passed away."

"After saying our final goodbyes to Lewis, his immediate relatives bravely decided to donate his organs to save the lives of seven other people."

"This gave Lewis a little more time before his life support system was switched off." Lewis started to breathe on his own again just hours before surgery. After being told he had no chance of survival, any family could hope for a miracle.

"After this, Lewis continued on his journey." He has begun to respond to pain tests by shifting his limbs independently, moving his head from side to side, blinking, and moving his mouth. 

This boy is getting stronger by the day.