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A TikTok Of An Indonesian Girl Sneezing Went Viral And Here's Why

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Jiddana Dusturia, also known as Grina, has unexpectedly gone viral after accidentally uploading an outtake video of her sneezing to the social media app TikTok. The video uploaded by the Indonesian user, under the handle  @jiddussgrinaaa03, has harbored over 1.1 million likes, 19.9 thousand likes, and 16.1 million views on the app.

She said she had no idea the video was uploaded to the app. "The next day my group chats were flooded [by friends] who said that [my video] entered FYP,” she said. An FYP is a For You Page, which is a feature on TikTok that generates video content that might interest you based on your viewing history. 

The video broke TikTok's algorithm as it does not feature any hashtags associated with popular videos. 

Source: Coconut Jakarta