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A Tree of Humanity

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Religion. What is religion? Religion is a set of beliefs that have been passed on by our ancestors to the past generations and from the past generations to the present generation and will be passed to our future generations by us. These beliefs consist of a set of instructions laid in holy books, by our forefathers, which include what one should do and what one cannot do, which is called an unholy act of sin. As we all know that everything has a beginning; even time itself has a beginning. Have you ever wondered that there was a time without religions, and what would that time had been like?! Were the humans, living in that time, happy and everything was just?! Well, I guess that at the beginning of time all the humans were united and un-evolved to understand the current negative social aspects of life. They lived and worked together as one, which would have led to great accomplishments in the field of science, technology, and medicine. The people who were in the process of understanding and producing science and technology evolved to be more intelligent and what we can call is ‘more of the present man like’. As the continents were divided, there would have been a race or races completely unaware of the concept of technology and science, and evolved less than those who were aware of the same. But with time came to power, and with the rise of power came the negative aspects in a human’s behaviour in the nations created by man which led to a mass division of the population. This eventually led to a hunger for more power. People started making leaders based on power and strength. The one with the most power would rule them all. There were bloodshed and mass killings. Whatever the beautiful and peaceful place their forefathers built for 1000s of years was destroyed in wars. To survive, they started exploring the unexplored parts of the planet to find peace and tranquillity, as their homeland was destroyed. They were once again united and started travelling all around the world. They found many undeveloped tribes living without any major accomplishments in science and technology. They saw this as a second chance and decided to help these humans to thrive on their knowledge but to prevent the past repeating itself, they decided to proclaim themselves as Gods and made a set of rules for them to follow. Everyone followed them because they had weapons, power source and a lot of technology to force people to follow those rules. They made ‘fear’ as a weapon to keep the peace. People started worshipping them and hence Gods and Religions were born. In our modern-day society, people realised that even if they committed a Sin there was no God to punish them and the fear of Gods vanquished with time and hence constitutions were made and laws were enforced. All of my theory concludes that religion was an ancient form of our modern-day law which still uses ‘fear’ as its weapon to enforce these laws but still our ancient laws, of human Gods, live on which was intended to keep the peace. Sadly today it has caused differences and disputes in humans. I believe that to maintain peace, our past should be left behind us and that should make all humans equal. ‘One Earth - One Religion’. All the nationalities from around the globe united as One and following One and only One Religion/ Law:-‘Humanism’. No casts, No disputes, No gender inequalities. A world of internal peace, everyone united as one. As a tree and its leaves. A Tree of Humanity.