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A UAE Resident Arrested For Theft Of Camel As A Gift For His Girlfriend

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

According to a state-linked newspaper, a man has been arrested as he stole a new-born valuable Camel to gift his girlfriend on her birthday.


The report of missing baby camel had been submitted by its owners earlier this month which enabled the police search around the area.

After some time, an Emirati informed the police about a “stray camel” that invaded his farm nearly 2 miles away.

Upon interrogation, the man admitted stealing the camel. He said that he stole the camel from his neighbor’s farm as it was a rare breed for his girlfriend. He intended for a grown up camel but when he couldn’t catch it, he got the baby camel.

However, when his conscience started to disturb him, he worried about being caught. Hence he called the police and reported about the camel.

Nevertheless, the baby camel was safely returned to its owners and the man and his girlfriend were charged with the crime of theft and false statement.


Even though camels are no longer a vital part of life in Dubai, some people still tend to take care of them. Furthermore, the practice of camel racing and camel beauty pageants is still alive in some part of the United Arab Emirates and traders are more than willing to pay a handsome amount of money on the rarest breeds.