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A Very Punny Product

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What's the easiest way to make money? Take something that someone already invented and slap a fandom on it and all the fandom stans will go crazy. That is exactly what did with their products.

Let me clarify! I'm not knocking them. It's GENIUS.

You can get a 12-pack of colored pencils from this website with just about any fandom theme you could want. The colors are all named with some kind of reference to the fandom, and though there isn't too much variations with the colors, in each pack they do seem to be specifically picked out to fit the style and tone of the content in question. I'm sure they're also a bit limited based on the puns they can feasible get away with.

Regardless, the concept is as simple and genius as silly bandz were in the early 2000's, and I can't like that I want probably four different packs.

Harry Potter Colored Pencils ( source: )

Harry Potter Colored Pencils

Pop Colors - Practically Punny In Every Way

Celebrating pop culture in color! Custom colored pencils & coloring books. Makeup palettes & candles themed after your favorite fandoms. We find the perfect puns to express your pride, opinions & personality. Funny lead pencils with quotes.

Friends Colored Pencils ( source: )

Friends Colored Pencils