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A White Woman Accused Her Latino Neighbor Of Kidnapping A White Toddler; The Child Turned Out To Be His Grandson

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Abel Mata, a 55-year old Latino seventh-grade history teacher, was looking after his 2-year-old grandson Milo at his house in Torrance, California when his neighbor called 911 to report that he kidnapped a child. Without any knowledge of the child that Mata was looking after at his home, his neighbor- a white woman of undisclosed named- called the cops because she thought that the toddler was white. Within a few minutes of the phone call, police showed up at Mata’s house, demanding him to identify the child he was holding.

Mata reported to the LA Times that when the police arrived at his home, his neighbor came out of her holding a samurai sword. She yelled at Mata and the cops, claiming that the former was the abductor.

When the police interrogated Mata about the child, he told him that the toddler was in fact his grandson. And the cops too were able to establish the fact pretty quickly.

The police, however, could not reproach the woman who reported Mata, as she had held her sword only on her property. They also advised Mata not to confront his neighbor because, if she files a complaint for harassment against him, he could be the one landing in trouble.

Mata daughter Athena says that she understands the police’s reaction to a call against alleged abduction. But she was dissatisfied as the police could not take any action against the neighbor, who was ideally the one threatening her father.

"I feel like to them it's more illegal for a Mexican man to be carrying a white baby than it is for a white woman to be walking around carrying a weapon," his daughter said. "They took more offense to my dad carrying around my white son than they did to a white woman carrying around a sword."

Source & Images: LA Times