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A Woman Asks Mourners To Not Vote For Trump Instead Of Condolences For Her Death

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Georgia May Adkins, 93, died of a stroke on September 28th. In the Minneapolis area, she made it her dying wish that instead of bringing flowers to her funeral that her loved ones and mourners do not vote for Trump.

"In lieu of flowers, Georgia preferred that you do not vote for Trump," said one of her obituaries, published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. She wished to be cremated and honers with a service following COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Many on social media admired her wishes and devotion to the state of this country in the years following her passing. Her granddaughter wrote in a Facebook post that she was "fierce everyday and remains so through her legacy!"

To carry on her legacy, Adkins has a son and three daughters, two stepdaughters, 17 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, in addition to one great-great-grandchild.

Source: Huffington Post