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A YouTuber claims to have discovered secret 'Knights Templar' caves in the woods.

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Brendan, whose online alias is Brendan Explores, recently released a video in which he explored several 'secret' caverns near Shifnal, Shropshire.

He and a buddy had discovered a 700-year-old network known as the Caynton Caves on the internet and decided to go investigate.

He said in the video description: "While hiking in the Shropshire forests, we discovered secret hidden underground Knights Templar caverns down a rabbit hole! Join me on this fantastic journey to see how far the rabbit hole may go!"

Brendan and his friend climbed down the hole into the cave after spotting the entrance behind a tree, revealing a creepy subterranean complex coated with garbage and graffiti.

Brendan admitted to feeling 'dubious' about going down, but was pleasantly pleased by what he discovered despite feeling 'claustrophobic,' adding that the area 'really looks pretty spooky.'

While he believes the caverns might have been created by the Knights Templar, a Catholic military order formed in Jerusalem in 1118, he does not provide any evidence in the film.

Furthermore, Historic England claims that the 'grotto' was built in the 'late C18 or early C19,' yet it is ultimately 'un-dateable.'

The cave complex is described as "hollowed out of the rock on side of a disused quarry, accessible through the extremely small unmarked entrance."

"Planned, seemingly erratic ambulatories leading to interior sanctuaries. Columns excavated as cylinders with bases and capitals (and the rare annulet); neo-Norman ornamentation to bays between columns, one neo-Norman doorway with beak-heads and roll molding; a plethora of ornamental quatrefoils and patterns."

The two explorers discovered a passport-sized photo of a guy at one point, with Brendan's buddy claiming the spot is reportedly haunted owing to Satanic and black magic rituals that were formerly performed there.

Brendan's light also stopped working at one point, even though it was powered by four fully charged battery packs.

When they saw a fallen wall, the couple were concerned about the cave structure's safety and chose to leave.

"I didn't believe I was claustrophobic," Brendan remarked, "but I was relieved to get out."