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Actual Facts Woman was Kept in a box for seven years.

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As a heads up, this is a bleak story - but if you're into strange true crime stories, have you heard of Colleen Stan's kidnapping?

Colleen was a hitchhiker on her trip down the Pacific Coast of the United States from Oregon to California.

She never made it to her goal because she was kidnapped by Cameron and Janice Hooker, a couple who kept her as a sex slave for seven years, many of which she spent locked in a box for 23 hours every day.

It's terrible, and it's one of the main reasons you should be wary of accepting strangers' charity. 

On the other hand, Colleen was a seasoned hitchhiker, implying that this type of thing may happen to anyone if they're not careful.

Colleen was 20 years old when she was abducted in 1977, and she was on her way to California to celebrate a friend's birthday.

She 'felt confident' taking a ride from the Hookers at first, despite having declined down two previous trips.

She claimed, however, that she overheard a voice telling her to "go and jump out of a window and never come back" while they were halted for a restroom break.

Colleen should have obeyed that voice.

Cameron held a knife to her throat as the car approached an isolated place, and she was kidnapped as a sex slave and imprisoned in a 'head box,' which is pretty much what you're picturing - a wooden cage designed to lock someone inside with only their head outside.

Hooker, who had agreed with his wife that he could have a sex slave, regularly subjected her to sexual and physical torture throughout her long struggle.

Colleen was eventually forced to sign a contract that would keep her servitude for the rest of her life. 

If she tried to flee, she was threatened with death and a mysterious organization known only as 'The Company,' which Cameron claimed would injure and torture her family if she did.

She was also kept in a wooden box beneath the Hookers' shared bed, in addition to the headbox.

Colleen stayed alive by relying on her faith and complying with Cameron's numerous requests. 

This gradually led to more liberties, such as the opportunity to exit the box for exercise and, on rare occasions, work.

She was finally allowed to see her family in 1981, who thought she'd joined a cult. 

Cameron finally got afraid of giving her too much freedom and imprisoned her for three years under the bed in a wooden box, allowing her out only at night for food and punishment.

Cameron informed her he wanted her to be his second wife when she was permitted to obtain a job in 1983.

Janice Hooker was moved to speak up about her abuse at the hands of her husband as a result of this. 

Colleen was forced to leave and take a bus back home after informing her that he was not a member of 'The Company.'

Colleen claims Janice persuaded her not to report Cameron to the police at first because she wanted to give him a chance to change.

Janice, on the other hand, turned in her husband after three months.

She also claimed Cameron kidnapped, tortured, and murdered another girl in 1976, but no evidence was found, and no murder charges were filed.

At the trial in 1985, Cameron was sentenced to 104 years in prison, with Janice testifying against him in exchange for her immunity.

Colleen and Janice both live in California. Both have altered their names since then.