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Adorable Puppy Who Went Viral After Being Stood Up By His Adopter Has Finally Found A New Home!

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Vicente, the puppy who was stood up by his prospective adopter has finally found a new home. An adorable Vicente was left heartbroken after he got all dressed up to meet his new owners who never showed up. Residing at the Rescue Me Foundation in Bogota Columbia, Vicente was supposed to be adopted by a new owner last month. On the day of his adoption, the loveable pupper had showered and was ready in a suave attire to move to his new home. But his adopter never showed up and the heartbroken puppy was stood up by his prospective owner. Vicente’s story was shared by its shelter home, and it quickly went viral on the internet.

As they shared the photo of the dejected Vicente on Instagram, Rescue Me narrated about the abandonment experience in a post.

“TO Vincent They left him dressed and ruffled and still available for adoption. The supposed adopter of Vicente never came for him. Already when he was ready for a home, bathed, he canceled his adoption,” wrote Rescue Me.

Rescue added in their post, the reasons for their strict adoption process. As per the shelter home, they do not want their furry friends to end up in the wrong hands. For them, making sure that the adaptor is fully capable of providing constant care to his pet is of divine importance. Because adopting a pet is a full-time life long commitment at it’s not a duty that can just be winged.

“Then they ask us why we are so strict with the process, for this reason! Because we do not want to have the slightest doubt that our furry will be in excellent hands for LIFETIME. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it is a commitment forever, animals are not things you can have when you want to have a dog,” Rescue Me stated in defense of their rigorous adoption process.

When Vicente’s plight surfaced on the internet, it set off an instantaneous rage. People took to Twitter and Instagram to call out the adopter who had stood up the poor puppy. But at the same tweeted, netizens also tweeted about how the situation was a blessing in disguise for Vicente. If the old adopter had taken Vincente in, he would not have been able to care for as meticulously as he should have had. Therefore, it is better for Vicente to be at the shelter home rather than being in the hands of a guardian who can’t even properly look after him.

When the news about Vicente’s adoption went viral on the internet, several users retweeted and reposted the dog’s story to help the furry fellow find a new home. Consequently, several families came forward offering to adopt Vicente, and a few others volunteered to pay for his care at the shelter home. Rescue Me, however, maintaining its wary disposition, shortlisted only the most fitting of candidates for Vicente’s adoption. They also reviewed the proposals thoroughly as to ensure that the poor puppy is not stood up on again. Ultimately, after some fair contemplation, Rescue Me found a perfect new home for Vicente!

Vicente has been taken in by a new family as of yesterday. While Rescue Me hasn’t revealed much about Vicente’s new home due to their non-disclosure agreement, they did share a heartwarming picture of Vicente with his new family.

In their new Instagram post, Rescue Me also called for people to adopt the other dogs that are living in the shelter home. There are currently 40 doggos at Rescue Me that are awaiting adoption, and the foundation has posted comprehensive details about the application for adoption on its social media profiles.