Adorable Seals Overtake Canadian Town

Roddickton, NL Roddickton

The town of Roddickton, Canada has been taken over by adorable seals, and it is WAY more depressing than it sounds! An untold number of migrating seals have been stranded in a Canadian town after a connecting lake to the sea, a common port of entry for the migrating seal heard, suddenly froze.

The seals are stranded five miles from the shore, but because Canadian law forbids the citizens from interfering with the dying ocean mammals, the creatures will likely starve unless they are taken back to the ocean by wildlife officials.

Stranded seals wreak havoc in Canada

Dozens of the animals are blocking traffic and disrupting businesses in a town in Newfoundland.

 ( source: Seal in the snow )

Seal in the snow
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