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#AdultMoney Buys That We Have Zero Regrets About

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Have you seen the TikTok trend #AdultMoney?

Users are sharing the stupid, useless, really cool, funny, or even heartwarming things that they bought now that they're an adult that can buy whatever they want to.

"Don't get me wrong, being an adult and living on your own is pretty great... the only problem is-- is that I now have access to adult money, which means that I can buy whatever I want, which means I end up buying shit like this, and having zero regrets about it," the voiceover (original: Jake Hall 'adult money probs') explains. Check out some of our favorite examples, and share your #adultmoney buys below!

YUM. Who among us with an inner child wouldn't buy this?


A+, 100% wholesome buy!


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