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Affiliate marketing??

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Hello guys🖐️!!!!

Today I'm going to tell you about a business💼 which you can do side by side with your main job😀. First question which arrive is, what is affiliate marketing🤔?? Well its initially a side business.

In other words, it is a commission based or performance based marketing in which business rewards you💵 for bringing them a customer🤗.

That's all its is😦, you are not actually an employee, you are not on payrole, you have no commitment, you can work whenever you wanna work😋 and you only get paid when you drive them a new customer💵, also you don't need to have crazy marketing💹 experience for this.

I also make my own niche specific website💻 named as phonewaleybhaiya which is based on all about smartphones📱.

You can promote the product at any registered platform like by an app📱, by your website💻, etc. And you get paid when the customer buys something from your affiliate link, simple🤑!!!

But in this business you also have to be patient😪 because to reach a post/link to its peak level of traffic, it generally takes about 8-9 months😯. But although its a great business which anyone can do in zero or minimum investment😎. Best of luck!!!! 🤗