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After Million-Mile Journey, James Webb Telescope Reaches Destination

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The $10-billion US telescope James Webb Space (JWST) safely reached its destination Monday afternoon.

The telescope was launched on Dec. 25 last year. Nasa collaborated with the European and Canadian space agencies to create Webb and its massive mirror. It is the largest ever launched telescope in the celestial world. The Webb has reached Lagrange Point 2 safely on Monday around 2:05 p.m. Eastern time. the telescope, however, has to undergo several months of trials for effective functioning.

The telescope reached a location beyond the moon after a five-minute firing of the spacecraft’s main thruster. Webb is next to the Hubble Space Telescope, launched back in 1990. Though Hubble has provided some insight into space, Webb is said to generate improved studies that will unveil the history of the universe. The Hubble telescope studies the visible aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum. While Webb will study only infrared radiation.

Nasa scientists estimated the life span of the telescope which is .“significantly more” than 10 years. 1m miles far from Earth, the Webb is over four times as distant as the moon. Nasa’s James Webb space telescope is propelled last year from French Guiana. The vertical Webb was folded inside a European rocket, the Ariane 5.

The Nasa administrator, Bill Nelson, said in a statement “We’re one step closer to uncovering the mysteries of the universe. And I can’t wait to see Webb’s first new views of the universe this summer.

This innovative “time machine” will help astronomers to explore the hidden secrets concealed in the history of space. It could glimpse the birth of galaxies and the process of how the first stars and galaxies formed 13.7bn years ago. The Webb is also on a mission to publish the signs of extraterrestrial life.