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After Protests Related To COVID-19 Restrictions, 278 Detained In Poland By Police

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Protesters have been detained by Warsaw police while protesting coronavirus restrictions that have been implemented on the city to prevent the virus' spread. The city's police department have arrested 278 protesters on Saturday and claimed that they were acting violently, throwing stones, firecrackers, and glass, according to Reuters.

The protest acted as a breach in Covid restrictions, which do not allow for more than 5 people to gather publicly. "We were dealing with a clear manifestation of aggression, these people came to fight us," said a police department spokesperson. The police in response also used force, teargassing the protesters in Warsaw. 

Covid-19 cases have been rising in cities all over the world, and Poland is no exception. The country has reached a high of 13,632 new cases on Friday.

Source: Reuters