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Alexa Saves Puppy From Being Burned Alive In Orlando House Fire

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An Orlando couple was able to save their dear dog and home from being burned in a fire, all thanks to their smart Amazon device.

The couple who resided in Orlando, USA was at a friend’s house when their amazon echo mobile app-enabled them to listen to voices of whacking glass and a smoke alarm. Usually, Alexa devices do not have a built-in feature to detect fire directly without the assistance of a smart smoke detector, however, the Alexa Guard feature in the AI device’s app enables the owners to listen to any broken window or smoke alarm noises as a way of protecting them from possible robbery or accident like this one.

The echo app on their smartphones allowed them to hear their windows breaking and the smoke alarm ring which prompted them to rush back home just in time to save their 5-month-old French Bulldog. The fire spread throughout the house after 25 seconds of their arrival, but the Fire rescue team arrived just in time to save the property from any substantial damage.

The couple felt relieved as they held their young pup, thanking the amazon device for its innovative features. “If it wasn’t for this piece of technology in our kitchen, our little one wouldn’t be with us today”.

Currently, Google is also adding an Identical noise detection feature in its nest devices with an additional cost of $60 annually meanwhile Amazon is on its way to further add an emergency calling option to the Alexa Guard feature for an extra $50.

Source: WFTV Orlando