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A "mouse" was put at the top of a jar filled with grains, he was too happy to find so much of food around him, now he doesn't need to run around searching for food and can happily lead his life. As he enjoyed the grains, in few days time he reached to the bottom of the jar, now he is trapped and he cannot come out of it.

He has to solely depend upon someone to put grains in the same jar for him to survive, he may even not get the grain of his choice and he cannot choose either, If he has to live, he has to feed on whatever has been put into the jar....

"Short term pleasures can lead to long-term traps"

The 6 Ways to Escape the Rat Race:

1. The Status Quo Strategy

The first way to escape the rat race is to simply follow the most frequented path. To succeed, you must simply work until you die.

2. The Portfolio Income Strategy

The second way to escape the rate race is to accumulate an investment portfolio large enough to indefinitely cover your cost of living. The key to this strategy is accelerating your saving rate.

3. The Passive Income Strategy

The third strategy for escaping the rat race involves earning enough passive income to cover your cost of living.

4. The Passion Income Strategy

The premise of the Passion Income Strategy is to thwart the rat race altogether by designing a work life you’ll never want to escape from.

5. The Windfall Strategy

No escape from the rat race captivates our society’s collective imagination as much as windfalls. This fifth way to escape the rat race involves creating a sudden increase in net worth.

While we often think first of the unexpected windfalls, there are actually a number of ways that people can actively pursue the Windfall Strategy (beyond just seeking a wealthy partner or the quixotic pursuit of a lottery win).

6. The Sabbatical Strategy

Whether you call it a sabbatical, a mini-retirement, or a leave of absence, the basic premise is the same. Sixth strategy is about structuring a temporary escape from the rat race.

For many, the idea of sustaining their demanding work lives for decades on end with little more than a week or two of vacation per year is unbearable.

If none of the above strategies resonated with you, I’d like to share a seventh way to escape the rat race that is available to all.

7. The Gratitude Adjustment Strategy

The right perspective can inspire feelings of gratitude. Gratitude can elevate your perspective.

Is your work-life stressful?

Do you feel overworked or undervalued?

Good news!

You’re free to work elsewhere.