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All is Not Lost, the Bees Can Come Back

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With all of the bad news spreading everyday, it's hard to find the positive and stay hopeful for a better future. So when an article comes along that can put a little faith back in your day, you should spread it however you can.

Over the past few years, the population of bees on the planet has slowly started diminishing, even so far as to cause concern over bees becoming an endangered species. We hear horror stories of endangered species every day, or worse extinction news, and have to come to terms with the life we're losing from this planet. 

Bees in particular play a crucial role in our environments in helping spread pollen for plants to grow, and of course the honey business is a booming industry only so long as we have bees that can create honey. This is a creature we cannot afford to lose, so getting even the smallest bit of hope that bees can make a resurgence should be enough to give you hope and inspire you to make your voices and actions for the environment heard in any way you can.

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