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“Girls College mai ho? Bore hojati hogi.”

“Straight toh ho na? Dur hi reh waise.”

“Kya maza aata hai ladkiyo ke saath rehkar?”

“Chalta-Phirta Fashion Show hota Hoga”…

And, the list goes on but such statements won’t end.  Par yaar kuch bhi keh lo, girls’ college has its own charm. 

Now it’s time to shut’em all and give them a taste of reality.

Believe me, studying in an all girls college is a whole new experience.  Being part of an all girls college has opened my eyes and made me realise in things on whichI would never before. Nahi nahi yaar, all girls college doesn’t mean that every girl is a feminist, chill.

Eons ago, girls weren’t allowed to study. But look at us now, breaking all the stereotypes and coming forward in the society achieving milestones like a boss!

    Listed below are some of the common misconceptions related to girls college which I’d like to clear out.


REALITY:- Guys! Please, gimme a break.

If someone is in girls college , it doesn’t mean that they aren’t straight. Relaaaax!They’re humans, they’ve boyfriends. And according to my perception and observation, number of girls having a boyfriend in a co-ed college isless than those of a girl’s college, because you see, “friend-zoned/Bro-zoned” or “Excuse me, I’ve a boyfriend” knocks in. And so what if they ain’t got boyfriend and are happily living their life.

P.S. Or even if they aren’t straight and have girlfriends, my question is, “SO WHAT?” -___-


REALITY:- A big “NO”.

Yes, you heard that right. There are NO group of boys standing outside the girls college saying “Teri Bhabi aarahi hai”. The only guys I spot outside the college is the Auto/Rickshaw wale bhaiyya or Golgappe wala bhaiyya.


REALITY:- Well, the situation is more like, “SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS”. Being a part of a Girl’s College, what I’ve perceived is mainly how everybody is supporting each other, encouraging each other, or fixing each other’s crown.

From relationship problems to monthly-cycle issue, from sharing makeup to setting each other on dates, from giving tips on fashion to giving life-lessons, they’ve got each other’s back. Moreover, they all build up an everlasting and indestructible sisterhood amongst each other. Even if they gossip or so, they have attained an understanding about the fact that they all need each other’s support and lift up themselves together.From belongingto an environment where everyone is usually pushing each other to do better, rather than putting each other down,they always dream for something big in their life. Being in an ambience where no one is discriminated, they’ve build a place for ‘self-empowerment’.


REALITY:-  Believe me, I’ve seen girls coming up in their Night suits in a 8:30 Lecture, without makeup with eyes brimmed with sleep. Nobody comes up in a Manish Malhotra-outfit, duh! It’s totally casual and upto your choice as to what to wear. Nobody will ever judge you on the basis of what you wear. No restrictions at all. You can always experiment on yourself. Want blue hair? Go girl. Want to go for piercing/tattoo? Wanna wear a beautiful dress or a crop top? All upto you!


REALITY:- Agar aap aisa sochte hai, toh aap galat hai.

Never in my life I’ve seen a male teacher going all LENIENT because he’s a professor in a girl’s college. The situation is quite opposite where they simply would take off your attendance or tells you to go out of the class if you’re late, they might also not give you marks for the internals/assignment. Its just like any other ordinary college. Sometimes, they would even torture by taking an extra lecture. Toh, kripya karke yeh soch apne dimaag se nikaal dijiye.


REALITY:- Again, you’re completely wrong. It’s a super-comfy environment and it can never be boring if you’ve got your “Girl-Gang” beside you. It’s a totally different vibe which one feels when they’re in a girl’s college which is of euphoria, amusement and refreshing.

It’s all about *Entertainment, Entertainment aaanndd Entertainment*.

Moreover, you’ll get to know how within your gender there is a profusion of varieties in one’s personality which is kinda cool.

You’ll see girls excelling in every field, be it sports, singing or dancing, marketing and advertising, etc.

You’ll also come across girls who are tomboy, who are totally into boys, who aren’t interested in boys or who loves to do shopping or someone who loves to write, or you’ll find someone who loves to cook or someone who loves to ride a bike.

So, with having so much variety, entertainment and fun is a must.

 • Overall, every “girl’s college” student has their own story and experience to cherish which made its student what they’re today which they weren’t three years ago before coming into the college, which made them open-minded and independent. Their institution gives them a platform where they not only get superb education but also wonderful friendship. Where, they gainperspective and knowledge and turns out to be as someone who is unbeatable. It’s an environment where there isn’t any gender-discrimination or sexism/chauvinism and where no one is underestimated, instead they all inhibits a mutual believe that whatever they are dreaming to achieve is going to be much more than their expectations.

Basically, being in an all-girls college has its own perks, to which only those students will understand who are in it. So yes, indeed girl’s college is a heaven!

Also, to boost up my point, mentioned below are some of the notable alumni from some all-girls colleges in Du:-

• MIRANDAHOUSE- Sheila Dixit, Mallika Sherawat, Mouni Roy,Meira Kumar, Neeti Mohan, and Minisha Lamba.

•JESUS AND MARY COLLEGE- Priyanka Gandhi, Neha Dhupia, Rakul Preet, Ambika Anand, Radhika Madan, and  Manila Batra.

•LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE FOR WOMEN-Gauri Khan, Aditi Rao Hyedari , Sakshi Tanwar, Nidhi Razdan, Mini Mathur, and Mira Rajput.

•GARGI COLLEGE- Urvashi Rautela, Sanya Malhotra, Hina Khan, and Huma Qureshi.

Salute to the GIRL-POWER