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Allow Yourself to Be Disappointed

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Something I've noticed a lot of people doing lately is going to talk about their frustrations with the COVID-19 shutdowns but then hedging their statements by saying "I know some people have it a lot worse than me." While this is true, we're all going through a hard time right now whether someone else has it harder than you or not. 

One of the important things in life that people always tell you to focus on is the little things. You hear "Enjoy the little things in life!" all the time from people trying to remind you to slow down and appreciation all the minute details that make this world and your life so beautiful. So if you're missing some of those little things right now, just let yourself feel it.

No, being able to go to your favorite coffee shop on the weekends isn't as important as someone's life, but you're still allowed to miss it and be sad that you can't go. No you may not have to be on the front lines like a nurse, fearing getting sick, but you can feel a little bummed that the concert you were looking forward to for months was cancelled.

We're so hard on ourselves for caring about the things we do because other people are out there in greater peril than us. Yes, always count your blessings. Yes, be appreciative if you have a roof over your head and food to eat. But you also work hard for your money, have the right to spend it how you want, and when that freedom is taken away from you, you have a right to be a little disappointed.

Cut yourself a break. 

Image from Anthony Tran on Unsplash.