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Amsterdam Police Investigating A Dead Body Finds Out It Was Just A Weirdly Carved Snowman

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With record-breaking freezing temperatures in the Netherlands, it came as no surprise when Amsterdam police thought that an individual was fatally affected by the snow. However, what they thought to be a dead body came out as a weird snowman lying on the park floor.

It was Wednesday evening and Amsterdam police had just received reports of a dead body lying inside Oosterpark. Police officers assumed that a serious crime would have taken place or possibly a man might have lost his life due to the freezing temperatures. A little confused about whether to bring emergency services, Amsterdam police decide to first inspect the grounds of Oosterpark.

Upon inspection of what looked like a lifeless man lying on the snow-covered park grounds, officers knew that they were not required to call ambulances or any other emergency services. What seemed to look like a dead citizen was just a mere snowman carved out to look like a real person.

The Amsterdam Police did not take long to share the hilarious incident on their official Facebook page by posting,

“Last evening, a car of our team was monitoring through the Oosterpark, until they suddenly saw a person lying lifeless on the ground in the distance.”

“A victim of a crime? Did someone get unwell?” were the questions circling the officers’ minds.

“After our colleagues approached the ′′ body ′′ they saw that sales tape or ambulance could happily stay out of it... it was a handsome piece of ′′ creative with snow ", including orange root! At least the colleagues could laugh a lot about it.”

The creator behind the snowman masterpiece could not be identified however Amsterdam police did not shy away from applauding the skills of the snowman creator, adding that the officers indeed had a hilarious time investigating the bizarre situation.