AMZL US: Making Shipping More Complicated or Convenient?

Brookline, MA Brookline

Hello folks! Today I'd like to discuss a little bit about Amazon's own delivery service according to the experiences I've had during these two months. Is it making shipping more complicated or convenient? Let's see.

Amazon launched its own delivery service which is named "AMZL US" at the beginning of this year, and it seems to be a good business move since now they're able to compete with USPS, UPS and FedEx.

This new shipping service helps a lot of people improve their online shopping experience because thanks to the AMZL US, Amazon can offer next day or even same day shipping for many of their products. This is supposed to make Amazon become a huge player in the online shopping game, but do they? At least from my experience, AMZL carriers are often less careful than USPS and other shipping services.

About two weeks ago, the Amazon carrier just left my expensive monitor outside of my apartment's mailroom without notifying me. It means that anybody who doesn't even need to live in the apartment can easily take my monitor away. But thanks to god, at least the customer representative I encountered was quite nice and reasonable, so he solved my problem quickly.

But I am not that lucky this time. This time the tracking shows that my hard drive was delivered last Thursday, but no matter how hard I tried to find it, the hard drive seemed to lose its way to my apartment. Alright, I contacted a customer representative again on Friday. The hard drive is the last thing I need to assemble my PC, and originally I planned to play my Sims4 on the whole weekend, so you know how angry and frustrated I was. But the representative insisted that though he could send me a new one, it still took two days to arrive. Fine, I gave up, asking him to send me the refund and decided that I will go to Micro Center or Best Buy to buy another one. Three days past, there's no refund. Not even a notification for it. So I guess I need to contact the representative again tonight.

I believe this new shipping service brings a lot of convenience to people who need to get their stuff as quick as possible, but before Amazon launched AMZL, to be honest, I do not have that many problems with their delivery by USPS and UPS though I know a lot of people are suffered from the service of USPS too. I just hope Amazon can be more careful about their shipping service and get their carriers trained more. When you try to do things fast, please do not forget to do it right.


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