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Ancient Sculpture is Most Important Prehistoric Art Find in UK for Century’

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A 5,000year-old chalk sculpture, the “Burton Agnes drum”, was discovered in east Yorkshire. The prehistoric piece is holding its turn to be displayed to the public for the first time on Thursday, alongside the previously discovered three Folkton drums. This would be a part of the World of Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum.

The recently discovered object is decorated with Stonehenge-type motifs. This carving hints at something exceptionally old. The drum, in fact, was discovered alongside the burial of three children The sculpture is similar to some objects already displayed at the British Museum’s collection. This enigmatic sculptural art is thought to be used as talismans to protect the departed children.

Previously three barrel-shaped cylinders known as the Folkton drums were found in North Yorkshire buried alongside the remains of a child, and have been part of the British Museum’s collection since 1889. They are, according to the British Museum, some of the “most famous and enigmatic ancient objects ever unearthed in Britain”.

The Burtin Agnes was located about 15 miles away from the Folkton’s destination. The exact age of the Folkton drums was a mystery Up till now, with an estimated guess that they were made around 2500 – 2000BC. However, this new drum discovery clues that the Folkton drums were nearly 500 years older than their supposed age.

The superintendent of The World of Stonehenge at the British Museum, Neil Wilkin, said the discovery was “truly remarkable”.

The Folkton drums have long remained a mystery to experts for well over a century, but this new example finally begins to give us some answers. To my mind, the Burton Agnes drum is even more intricately carved and reflects connections between communities in Yorkshire, Stonehenge, Orkney, and Ireland,”

The UK’s first major exhibition on Stonehenge, the World of Stonehenge exhibition, at the British Museum would be accessible until mid-July. The countries, like Germany, Denmark, and Italy have lent an estimated two-thirds of the objects on display at the museum.