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Anger In 'God Fearing' Village After 'Pornographic Literature' was placed in Library.

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A 'God-fearing' village was shocked when a prankster put 'pornographic literature' in its community library.

The mystery filth-monger dropped the adult materials in a wooden box for Cornholme residents in West Yorkshire to swap books.

The NSFW donations infuriated one local, who blasted the anonymous resident before slamming a neighboring village.

The enraged resident wrote in a note that was put inside the mini-window: Library's "Stop bringing copies [sic] of pornographic literature in here!

"Cornholme is a godly, Christian community. "If this filth appeals to you, we recommend that you relocate to the cesspit that is Hebden Bridge."

The note has since gone viral, having been posted over 15,000 times on Twitter and eliciting several responses from people eager to learn more about the drama.

"I like the sound of Hebden Bridge," one person wrote.

Another joke was: "I had no idea Hebden Bridge was such a scumbag.  So, I was considering leaving London."

"Much as I fail in rural areas, nothing but support for the militantly queer cesspit of Hebden Bridge," someone else said.

The note has since been taken down.

In response to his town being slated, Hebden Bridge councilor Josh Fenton-Glynn posted a humorous tweet on Twitter. He thanked Cornholme residents for their assistance in supporting the city.

"As a Hebden Bridge councilor, I'd like to thank the people of Cornholme for their assistance with our marketing campaign," he wrote.

"Please patronize our neighborhood's small businesses.  If the Cess becomes too much for us, we have a soap store!  Cornholme is also lovely; what it lacks in Cess, it more than makes up for in nice pubs."

Cornholme is a former mill town with a population of just 1,600 people.