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Anti-Mulsim Extremist Wins Florida Congressional Nomination

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Laura Loomer, 27, is an American activist and self-proclaimed Islamophobe, who has no won the GOP congressional primary election in Florida. She has stated in the past that she didn’t care about mass murders of Muslims. Her prejudice statements are so foul that she was kicked off multiple social media platforms. 

One of the incidents last year was a vide she uploaded about Representative Ilhan Omar, who is Muslim, saying that “Muslims should not even be allowed to seek positions of political office in this country.” She has also called Omar anti-Semitic in the past. 

The extremist has a great backing from Trump as well. After her GOP seat win in congress, he tweeted “Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!”

Some say that her win not only demonstrates that islamophobia is tolerated in congress, it is even rewarded.