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Anti-vaxxer Films Himself Stealing A Vial Of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine To 'Investigate' In A Laboratory

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An anti-vaxxer recently filmed himself stealing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to investigate it in the lab.

According to Newsweek Thomas Humphrey recorded and shared a video of himself that appears to show him stealing a vial of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine from a CVS pharmacy.

In the video, Humphrey can be heard saying that he is stealing the vial to “to take to the lab to investigate”.

He later adds that the vaccine is "poisoning people" and implies that he had committed the crime previously, having run off with jabs from other vaccines before. As seen in is Instagram posts, Humphrey is strongly opposed to the idea of vaccinations, which is claims are agents for “poisoning people.”

In the clip which Humphrey had recorded, asks a CVS employee to allow him to read the information on the vial. He can then be seen removing the vial from its box and walking towards the store's exit. "Sir, sir," the alarmed pharmacy worker says.

"I will be taking my vaccine," Humphrey responds. "We're going to go test this, we're gonna bring it to the lab, we're gonna investigate," he adds.

Humphrey then offers to trade his mask for the vial of vaccine and urges employees not to touch him.

"This is poisoning people," Humphrey continues. COVID-19 vaccines are, in fact, safe and effective.

After escaping from the pharmacy, the man records himself celebrating his successful theft. "They didn't even lock the doors on me," he says.

He then suggests that this was not his first attempt at stealing a vaccine dose. "I got it again, guys," adding, "Praise the Lord, I've got a full vial this time."

The video ends with Humphrey entering his car and acknowledging that the CVS employees would "definitely" call the cops. He was correct.

Shortly after the criminal act, Humphrey was arrested by the Anoka County Sheriff's office. He has since been released, although he doesn’t regret stealing the vaccine. In fact, according to him, taking the coronavirus vaccine equals "choosing to subconsciously commit suicide.”