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Anti-Vaxxer UK Family Drinks Urine For 4 Days After WhatsApp Message Says It Prevents Covid-19

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This article reports about vaccine misinformation.

Due to consistent misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine, a particular UK family drank urine for four consistent days as a preventive/treatment measure for the coronavirus infection.

London's City of Westminster council reported that the mother of the UK family received messages on WhatsApp forwarded by a friend whom she trusted the entire pandemic for relaying essential information. In the false message alerting people about vaccines, words claimed that drinking your urine each morning can help prevent getting infected by the virus.

“Some of the videos she received discussed drinking your own urine each morning as a cure for COVID-19. The participant said that she and her children did that for four days.” Reported Healthwatch, the UK-based charity organization.

While drinking urine has been reported to be harmless in the short run, it must be noted that it is not recommended at all for coronavirus prevention or treatment which is why citizens of different nations should seek help from trusted organizations for vaccine information, which is the best way to prevent infection.

Due to conflicting claims by many members of the UK government body, it has become very common for vague sources to spread what they call “natural remedies” for the coronavirus, which confirmed by health professionals are all fraudulent claims.

Apart from human and cow urine, consuming bleach, silver, and oregano oil has been widely trending as “alleged treatments for the virus,” which unfortunately have taken several lives and consequence in harmful after-effects.