Anxious, Hungry and Whole Foods

Boston, MA Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods can be seriously insane on Sunday nights! I really didn’t expect anyone to be there at 6pm. Most people are on their couch. From the moment I entered, someone was already on my butt with their cart, racing to the produce. This place was packed to the max. There were so many people who all seemed to know their way around and have such a purpose. I like to graze and drool a little, you know? Did I mention this grocery store has valet......say what?!!!!! I honestly got a little anxiety and wished I had taken a lorazepam before I went. I maneuvered, finally made it to the checkout, and $100 later, here I am to tell the story. Sigh.

The Entrance at Whole Foods  ( source: Sarah McManus  )

The Entrance at Whole Foods

Sarah McManus
The Valet ( source: Sarah McManus )

The Valet

Sarah McManus


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