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Apple Watch detects thyroid issue signs months before a diagnosis.

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Sydney: A nursing student in Australia is urging Apple Watch users to enable heart rate notifications after the wearable device recognized symptoms of a thyroid problem months before the condition was confirmed.

According to AppleInsider, Apple's heart rate notifications have helped many consumers recognize heart problems, urging them to seek additional medical attention.

In a recent TikTok video, it was demonstrated that the wearable device may detect extremely early alterations that could lead to a diagnosis months later.

Lauren, a TikTok user, advised viewers of her video on February 2 to set notifications for detecting low and high heart rates, irregular beats, and cardio fitness levels.

The nursing student from Sydney stated in the video, which was discovered by The Independent, that she should have activated the features sooner because it had medical ramifications.

Lauren explained that she had been diagnosed with a thyroid problem a few weeks before. "I would have known anything was wrong if my Apple had warned me of changes," she acknowledges.

"Instead of waiting for the symptoms to worsen, I could have gone to the doctor in October, when there was such a drastic drop in a couple of days," Lauren continued.

Lauren said that it had decreased significantly, implying that her cardiovascular system was not functioning as efficiently as it once did.

The decline was also associated with additional symptoms such as weariness, heat sensitivity, weight gain, dry skin, and increased irritation.

She was diagnosed with thyroid hemiagenesis in December and is currently getting therapy.