Appreciation for a great band

Providence, RI The Strand Ballroom

I’m a sucker for a good concert. I love a good atmosphere, but never want to go to an over-produced show. I appreciate smaller bands so much and am always seeking out new music to jam to. I found the band Young The Giant a few years ago in college, and have loved them ever since.

I went to college in the providence, RI area. My first time seeing Young The Giant was with a group of my friends from college. I didn’t really know their music well, but seeing them live made me fall in love with them. Their music simply makes you happy. And their talent is undeniable.

Tonight I had the chance to return to the same venue that I first saw them all those years ago. They obviously have a bigger collection of songs now, and it was great to get to relive the everience in a different way.

Providence is such a cool little city. Seeing a great band that brings back some memories as well made my night really special. Gonna be blasting some more Young The Giant this week!


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