Apps for Selling Pre-Owned Stuff: Mercari v.s. Poshmark

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What is better than selling your pre-owned stuff to get some money back? Nowadays we all have the tendency to purchase much stuff due to special event discounts, but in the end, we will realize they all become nothing but decorations in our houses. So it’s never a bad idea to sell the stuff you do not need anymore to earn some money back for it.

There’re two selling Apps that I often use, which are Mercari and Poshmark. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about their differences and pros and cons.

Mercari is currently operating in Japan, the US, and the UK, and it was first launched in Japan in 2013.

Pros: Less selling fee (10%); Easier listing process; More choices on the shipping method

Cons: Easy but less pretty layouts

Most of the time I’ll choose Mercari to sell my old stuff because it has the key factor-less selling fee. It only charges 10% of your item price, and it’s more diverse when it comes to the shipping method and price. But the layout is what I can’t put up with. The design makes the app looks a little bit cheap.

Poshmark is headquartered in Redwood City, California and was launched in 2011. It has a longer history than Mercari with great protection to sellers.

Pros: Clean and organized layout; Easy selling process including shipping; various custom selling discounts

Cons: More selling fee (20%); Less shipping choices

I love Poshmark’s design and the way it operates, but the biggest concern to me is its selling fee. 20% is quite much to a seller who is going to sell his/her stuff. Besides, the shipping is always connected with USPS Priority Mail, so though it’s easier and faster to buyers, it’s also a burden on the buyers’ side. Basically, the products on Poshmark usually go with higher prices due to the reasons above.

Which one do you prefer? Share your experiences below with others!


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