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Architects Are Designing A Martian City For The Desert Outside Dubai

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Architects in Dubai are planning to create a Martian City in the desert outside the city.

Titled the Mars Science City, the project will span 176,000 square meters of the desert -- the size of more than 30 football fields -- and cost approximately $135 million.

Besides being a major tourist spot, the project is intended to serve as space for Dubai's Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) to develop the technology needed to colonize Mars. The city is being planned in a way that it acts as a prototype for sustaining the life of Mars. Eventually, it will be integrated into the Emirati desert for general use.

Jakob Lange says that his team plans to overcome the challenges posed by the inhabitable atmosphere of the Red Planet. To maintain a comfortable temperature and habitable air pressure, the Martian city would be made up of pressurized biodomes each covered with a transparent polyethene membrane. Oxygen, made by applying electricity to underground ice, would fill each biodome.

The city would be powered and heated using solar energy, and the thin atmosphere could actually help the domes maintain their temperature.

3D printing technology would be used to construct buildings for the city, and rooms would extend 20 feet underground so that harmful radiation and meteors can be avoided.

The unearthly design even becomes a little playful in places. "In the future on Mars, you would have skylights in your underground cave that would be like aquariums, with fish swimming around," said Lange. The water-windows would shield the residents from radiation while allowing light to enter the underground rooms.

The United Arab Emirates announced its ambition to colonize Mars within the next 100 years. The MBRSC hopes that Mars Science City will inspire the next generation to dream of life on the Red Planet enough to make it a reality.