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Are School Dress Codes Unreasonable?

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I remember growing up in Phoenix, where school dress codes were always being pushed during the summer. In 115°F+ weather, it's no surprise that shorts amd tank tops were a staple for male and female students alike. But the restrictions extended beyond coverage: the dress code required a certain amount of 'modesty.' So when does the dress code go too far?

Some say that the dress code is to protect students from accidental wardrobe malfunctions, immodesty, and prying eyes, and others object to underage students being related to anything sexual. Depending on the climate and geography of the region, it's even possible that less coverage would be recommended (have you ever had heatstroke? No thanks!).

Possibly the most publicized objection to dress codes are the marked differences in the codes for boys and girls. Some have labeled these sexist, saying that girls in particular are subject to more rules and restrictions on the type of clothing they may wear. Specifically, the visibility of a bra strap has been hotly debated in schools. Another famous example is of codes that restrict natural hair, barring some students of African descent from wearing their hair without considerable alteration.

So, Folks... where is the line? What restrictions are reasonable, and what should we reconsider in schools? Discuss in the comments!

Photo: Pixabay