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Are Women Getting More Respect Worldwide?

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Is it true? Are Women Becoming More Respected Worldwide? Many men affirm they are. For women, this is a great thing. On the other hand, some men may feel threatened by this new statistic.  

It is no secret that countless women are moving up in this world. Perhaps they are advancing more because they are going about it more intelligently. It is a little like writing. The more you read and write, the better you become. And so I believe that women in today's society have learned from many trials and tribulations, how to better fit into a world which has been lead by men. 

Today we see added women in the political arena. And many boast impressive portfolios. Indeed, the sky is the limit in today's day and age. People today are getting sick and weary of the same old same old crap, especially from politicians. They deem the necessity for both equality and loyalty.   

Even stories published today are resembling how women are taking legendary stories of powerful men leaders and switching the scenario and rewriting the story to describe a rather diverse perspective, all from a ladies point of view. 

There is one story in Japan, a story told from the man’s perspective, in which the woman-demon should be feared, is transformed into one, from which modern women can draw inspiration: “I want you to fight as Kiyohime did,” the ghost tells her niece. Polly Barton translates this short story collection by a Japanese writer, Matsuda Aoko, in which traditional Japanese ghost stories are given feminist retellings. 

Its a story about after being dumped, she gets her body hair removed to boost her self-esteem. This is a retelling of a Japanese ghost story in which a woman called Kiyohime is spurned by her boyfriend; she sneaks into the temple he works in, is transformed into a monster by her rage, and traps him in the temple bell.

Then, the woman trolls a skeleton out of a river on a fishing trip, and becomes lovers with the ghost she has freed, who in the original story was killed by the man she refused to marry; “What a bastard that guy was… Damn!” says the ghost’s new girlfriend. These ghosts are not the monstrous, vengeful spirits of the original stories; they are real people with agency and personalities, finally freed from the restraints installed on living women. 

Funny, beautiful, surreal and relatable, this is a phenomenal story of women who have overcome all tumultuous endeavors, who finally prevail supernaturally. The story is called 'Where the Wild Ladies Are.' Well, where 'are' they? One thing is for sure, they certainly are no longer at the bottom of the totem pole.