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Are you ashamed of being religious??

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Back when kids use to play in the mud; education and literacy were growing in our society but more than this bad mindset and racism against illiterate and uneducated were growing. It was hard to introduce your family and friends who don't use to fit in the frame of society. The Frame of society is all that matters today, people use to judge others if they are out of the frame. Now the question is who defines the frame and how it can be changed? There is no particular community that defines or changes it. It's you who can change the mindset and crush racism. In the first place, you should not be ashamed of introducing your family and friends if they are illiterate. Due to tags like, "barbaric, unmannered, violent, etc" are given by the higher people to illiterate ones, they face racism. Only you and I can counter this by defining them that it's all human nature to be good or bad.

I know we have not talked about religion yet, but I have told you everything about it. The frame and victims are changed although racism and mindset are still there. Why we are ashamed of being and showing ourselves religious? Just because some religions are tagged by society and you don't want to defend it. It's still you and me that can change the frame.

Being an Atheist is no crime but introducing yourself as an atheist because you are embarrassed about your religion is nothing but cowardness.

Always remember only you can dominate the frame of society. It's never pleasant when a poor man in torn clothes drink alcohol on the street, but it's magnificent and classic when a rich man in suit drink alcohol. Alcohol still causes cancer, but it's you who dominates society.