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Arizona Mum Threw Daughter Cheapest Wedding Under $1000, Bought Her A Rat-Urine-Stained Bridal Dress

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In an extreme case of cutting down wedding expenses, Arizonian woman Shelley Watson threw her daughter a $1000 wedding which also meant adjusting with the choice of a rat-urine-stained wedding gown.

Shelley has reportedly been saving cash for 20 years and when her daughter finally broke out the news of the newfound commitment, Watson devised a plan to keep the expenses to the minimum. She settled on a $1000 budget by going for quite the odd options for the venue, dress, and other costs.

She conveniently opted for the local school gym as the wedding location as she was confident that her friends, who worked at the gym would allow her to officiate the event free of cost. Her several efforts to keep the expenditures record-breaking low didn’t quite sit well with the groom Colby Cosgrove’s mother Denise.

“I thought it was a f***ing joke, nobody in their right mind is serious about having it in a gym. It’s ridiculous.”
The soon-to-be mother-in-law of Watson’s daughter Ashley did not shy away from putting her feeling into words.

For flowers and Cake, Watson went ahead with the option of purchasing out-of-season flowers for the bouquet and settled to bake a cake at home to prevent herself from getting the $400 setback.

Yet what caught the public’s attention was her uncompromising attitude towards the wedding attire. While choosing her dream wedding dress, the bride settled on a dress that had rat urine stains all over it.

Nevertheless, Watson proceeded to bargain with the pawn owner’s shop and secured the deal of a $75 dress.

Like his mother, the groom was not having the time of his life but chose to go ahead with the arrangement as he was focused on getting hitched to his lady love.

Watson finally in a surprising move, decided to officiate the woman herself as she held the position of an ordained minister.