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Arthroscopy ACL Reconstruction Specialist in Delhi

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Dr. Anil Arora is one of the arthroscopy acl reconstruction specialists in Delhi, India who has been successfully performing the surgery for more than 15 years. He has performed more than 500,000 surgeries in his 15 years of practice and is known to be an expert in the field.

About Dr. Anil Arora:

Dr. Anil Arora is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi, India who has been practicing for more than 20 years. He is renowned as a world-class orthopedic surgeon who performs complex surgeries like knee and hip replacements, shoulder and elbow replacements, foot and ankle surgeries, sports injuries, and pediatric orthopedics. He has performed more than 500,000 surgeries in his career so far and has been very successful in bringing his patients back to normalcy following their operations.

His work has won him many international awards and recognitions from USA, UK, and Canada.

He was also honored by the Prime Minister of our country with the Padma Shri Award for his contribution to the field of medicine. Dr. Anil Arora is one of few doctors in India who are members of the Royal College of Surgeons (London) which is considered a high honor in the medical fraternity worldwide.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery Steps:

In a typical ACL reconstruction, the surgeon makes an incision in the knee and removes the torn ligament. The surgeon then cuts a piece of tissue from another part of your body that is a similar type of tissue to your ACL — for example, a piece of hamstring or patellar tendon. That tissue is used to replace your ACL. The surgeon attaches the new ligament to your tibia and femur with screws, staples, or other devices.

Torn ACL Symptoms: How Do You Know You Need Surgery?

Your doctor will examine you first to determine if you need surgery or if you can heal your ACL injury with rest and rehabilitation. During the exam, he or she will check for tenderness along the inside of your knee and test how well you can move and bear weight on it. Your doctor will also ask you questions about your symptoms, such as when they started, what makes them worse, and whether you have any pain while resting or at night while sleeping.

If your doctor suspects that you have a torn ACL, he or she may order an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan to confirm the diagnosis and get more details about the tear. Although MRIs are fairly common for this condition, they are not usually needed because most ACL injuries show up