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Asian Economies Are Leading in Covid-19 Recoveries, Creating a "Zoom Boom"

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Asian economies are booming, heading towards a straight recovery after the economic crises around the world. This is promoted by the large demand from foreign shopper, which has aided in keeping Asian factories going. Asian countries' ability to bounce back from the spread of the virus was also a big contributing factor to the well-being of the economy. 

China is on the rise, with expectations for the economy to grow an additional 2% by the end of the year, Vietnam by 1.6%, and Taiwan to stay the same. The US alone is expected to recede by 4.3%. 

As long as the demand by Western countries continue for Asian products, largely computers, electronics, household goods, etc., Asia's economy should stay in good shape at least until the end o the year. This phenomenon I stubbed the "Zoom boom," according to economist Rory Green, referring to the large demand for screen-products. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal