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🇮🇳Atamanirbhar bharat 🇮🇳 #india #indiafirst

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These are my thoughts about Atmanirbhar Bharat🇮🇳.

In recent months after the global pandemic appeared India has taken the policy of self dependence and is rapidly taking decisions to achieve it.

After the Chinese aggression the world shifted slightly towards the Indian side for or their companies production factories and other multinational companies and their franchises. But an emotion of being self dependent has got a huge rise in India since last few months.

So citizens of India also demand to be independent and not to depend upon the countries like China who are just misleading the world and following their expansionist policy

India in this world pandemic has the opportunity to gain the trust of the world and become a huge manufacturer of day to day life products other production factories as well as a military defence manufacturer where India should promote its indigenous technology and the weapons which are made with indigenous technology which will give India use market and its defence sector will grow significantly in next 30 years.

Making the difference equipments The fighter aircrafts ,The attack helicopters, the missiles and various different equipments in India will give a huge rise To indigenous technology and its market and eventually I of the India.

The Tejas aircraft which is made with indigenous technology e is a new hope for Indian manufacturers because this is just the beginning of big rise of Indian military and defence related production sectors and slowly India will be one of the biggest manufacturer of Defence equipments as well as the biggest exporter of it ande defence sector will contribute used percentage in India's GDP after next 10 to 15 years thank you.

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