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Attack On Titan Huge Reveal Soon! 😱😱😱

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Attack On Titan Is Going To reaveal something very huge soon. If you are a manga reader,then you already know about that. IF you don't want spoiler just react happy and please don't read this. I don't want you to get spoiled.


Eren's Dad Grish Jeager Actually Planned not to kill the children of the reiss family. But Girish Jaeger had the attack titan, the second strongest among the nine titans. It could see the future inheritor's memories. Girisha Was Lokking at the future inheritor's memories for years..He also met zeke his first son at the time he looked at eren's memories..When Girisha Jaeger went to the reiss family basement he didn't plant to kill. Bit he looked at the future inheritor's memories that means eren's memories..And Girisha Jaeger found out that his son eren wanted him to kill the reiss family exept the girisha did it.


Eren Influenced his father to kill the reiss family and steal the founing titan. Well the reveal was this mainly that attack titan is able to see future inheritor's memories..And also Eren is in the process of world annihilation right now.


Thank You Have A Nice Day!❤️❤️❤️