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Baby Formula is too Expensive. Here's How You Can Save Money

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When I first became a mom, I didn't want to use formula. I tried everything to avoid it, but still got stuck buying the stuff by what seemed like the bucket. Even a non-parent can tell you that that stuff can cost an arm and a leg! So, during those budget stretching months, I picked up a few tricks to save a few dollars on formula.

First, don't worry so much about the brand name. Some babies do require special nutrition from specific types of formula, but many will thrive on run of the mill formula powders and generic formulas.

Of course, your doctor should always be an authority on such things, but mine put me at ease when she said "if your baby isn't having a bad reaction to a formula you like buying, there's no reason to change." And if your baby can tolerate a brand change now and again, take advantage of that and use sales and coupons.

Tricks in the store can help, too. It can be hard to compare prices, but try to calculate cost by prepared fluid ounce. Don't be fooled by powder vs prepared liquid or concentrate: sometimes the latter two are less expensive than even powder with the right coupon!

Speaking of coupons, hoard them. You will likely be given some at your pediatrician's office (along with free formula samples!), at the hospital, from friends, and in anywhere you can find manufacturer coupons. Many are not able to be combined, but some you can stack for big savings. Read the fine print!

Also consider joining a formula club. Similac and Enfamil give away dollar amount vouchers for formula in their programs: Strong Moms and Family Beginnings, respectively. They won't make the expensive brand cheap, but if you calculate per prepared fluid ounce, you can often get the cost down to the generic price or lower, if they let you combine with coupons!

Formula can be difficult to afford, but hopefully this helps take a bit of the sting off. Remember, always consult a pediatrician about your formula plan!