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Baby Yoda and the Power of the Internet

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It's funny the things people latch on to in pop culture that then blows up into something bigger than itself. Sometimes these things get so big that they overtake even important political figures in the internet airspace.

Ever since Disney+'s show 'The Mandelorian' came out, the 'baby Yoda' meme has been everywhere on the internet. Although not actually the popular character, the meme features an alien of the same species as the iconic 1970's character, but he much smaller and with cuter features than the older Yoda. 

The adorable meme has gotten so huge that it is outdoing every Democratic candidate of the 2020 race in social media statistics. 

I think this goes to show the priorities and feelings of the general public right now in regards to politics and the people running for president. The political landscape is so divisive and full of aggression right now that everyone would prefer escapism over actually following the race.

That escapism this month just so happens to be through the medium of the most adorable 50-year-old alien you've ever seen. If you need us, you'll find us laughing at how relatable this adult alien man baby is. 

From the Mandelorian on Disney+. Owned by Disney.