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Bald Eagle Livestream is Open at Lake Pleasant

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If you visit Arizona Game and Fish's website and navigate to their livestreams, you can now find, for its second season, one camera fixed on a bald eagle nest. The program was extremely popular last winter, boasting almost 400,000 viewers. Visitors to the site were able to view live a real struggle with nature, as the eagles' eggs were laid, defended, and ultimately lost.

Although last season's eggs were destroyed by a ring-tailed cat and ravens, this year the Game and Fish Department is hopeful that the livestream will feature a healthy clutch of eagle chicks. The accessibility of the harsh reality that is nature is what Jeff Meyers, director of 'Watchable Wildlife,' which oversees the stream, hopes will inspire the public. "Despite lacking young last season, the bald eagle camera was a huge success because viewers saw the real-life struggles of nature,” he said, "That struggle is real, and through these cameras, the public can gain a new appreciation for our fascinating wildlife.”

Often, there are no eagles present in the stream, and not since I've looked! But the department stated that the eagles are usually away feeding, but should return to the nest more frequently when there are eggs to care for.

Watch it here!

Photo: Pixabay