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Baltimore Man Gets Genetically Modified Heart From A Pig In Successful Transplant

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A genetically-modified pig’s heart has been installed in a human chest this week. This is one of the unique kinds of heart transplantation accomplished at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The US medical regulator has granted special permission to the doctors to carry out this unusual procedure. Otherwise, Mr. Bennett would have died.

Moreover, the elderly patient could not tolerate the intricacies of a human transplant because of his very poor health.

According to AFP news agency report, Intricate genetic modifications had been bio-engineered in the pig’s heart to address the unwanted genes. The procedure is done because the Knock out genes would not be accepted by Mr. Bennet's human physiology. 

The pigs which are meant for organ donation are bred to lack genes that can cause rejection. The animals are cloned with specific genes "knocked out".The pigs are observantly reared until they are old enough with their big organs. These organs are then harvested for transplantation.

This exceptional transplantation would become a milestone in the fields of life-saving studies.
Surgeon Bartley Griffith commented on the procedure, “surgery would bring the world "one step closer to solving the organ shortage crisis".According to the stats, seventeen people die every day in the US looking for an organ transplant.

It is very early to predict Mr Bennett’s well-being with his pig heart. Although the procedure is very risky, doctors are pretty hopeful.

Mr Bennett, who was bedridden for six weeks, (surviving through a machine) is now breathing on his own under careful monitoring. The 57 years patient is doing well three days after the investigational seven-hour surgery in Baltimore, Maryland.