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Does it really only cost $4.99 to become Folkspaper royalty? The crown isn't included, but yes, that's all it will cost you to become a Premium Creator. But hey, why should you pay to use a free platform? That's the best part: purchasing Premium Creator can ultimately pay you.

Here's how it works.

For a one time fee of $4.99, you unlock the ability to make some content available to only subscribers. When subscribers see your posts, they have the option to react with emojis, and that translates into money for you! If you're posting quality content anyway, why not capitalize on it?

But maybe that's not your style. Maybe you just want to read that premium content. Well then, you might enjoy becoming a Folkspaper Plus subscriber, for you guessed it, $4.99/ month. You'll have access to all premium content, all for the price of a sandwich per month! Whether you choose to become a Folkspaper Plus subscriber, or a Premium Creator, you'll be getting the absolute peak experience of Folkspaper. Try it out!