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Being Content Creators - Portfolio

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Did you know that by Being Content Creators on Folkspaper you are also creating a Portfolio of your work?

Even if you are just posting content for pleasure.

We are already taking an important step toward earning money online, just by Being Content Creators.

Why is Having a Content Portfolio Important?

A Content Portfolio is home to samples of our work. It will be there as an example of our skill and knowledge. It shows off our talent.

There are many ways we can get paid for our content online. This list is not intended to be all inclusive.

  • Advertising
  • Selling our own products
  • Video Monetization
  • Photography
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-books
  • Freelance Writing 

Getting Paid To Write

Websites that pay us to publish articles on their site want to see samples of our work.

It isn’t enough to sell ourselves by explaining how good we are. They want to see proof. Our portfolio helps to provide that proof.

We need to have a place on the web where we can keep our content. We need to be able to give publishers links to that content. That’s how the publisher is able to access and review our content.

Our portfolio provides access to the content we are most proud of.

Folkspaper as our Portfolio

I’m in the process of preparing to start submitting articles in hopes of getting paid.

I will need at least two (2) or three (3) articles that I’m proud of. The articles need to show that I’m prepared to research a topic and provide good quality information. It needs to be readable. It needs to be professional.

We need to add quality to our portfolio and show that we know our subject(s).

I plan to use this article series as part of my submission to the publisher(s) I contact.


The writing guide I’ve been telling you about suggests using Medium as a place to write articles for a portfolio.

I plan to use Medium as another portfolio for my writing. My plan is to create articles to publish on Medium, after doing more research into some of the topics the publishers are interested in paying for.

It’s a good idea to become knowledgeable about what we create content on. A publisher doesn’t want something unpolished or amature.

A few of the basics I’ve learned about Medium:

  • Articles are called “Stories”.
  • To create a new article we select “New Story” from the menu.
  • The Medium Partner Program is a way for us to earn money when our “stories” are read. 

This is a small example of the suggestions found in the writing guide that comes with the “200 Sites That Will Pay You to Write” subscription I’ve purchased. You can check out their landing page at I’m not an affiliate and do not receive any compensation by sharing this link with you.

Other Articles in this Series

In the next article I will start sharing writing tools that we can start using at no cost.

I hope that you are learning and being encouraged by these articles. Folkspaper is a great place to share our views with each other. Please consider joining in by leaving a comment.

Do you have a question?

Want to share something you’re doing?

Your opinion matters and helps us all to grow.

Never Give Up

We all are facing our own unique challenges during these uncertain times. I want to leave you all with my prayers for your wellbeing.

Remember to keep respecting and supporting each other.

We can do it - when we keep trying.