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Being Content Creators - Start Easy and Build

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Start Easy

The best way we can get started being content creators is by writing about something we know and love.

Folkspaper is a great place to get started just writing.

We can explore our interests by reading what others are writing about and commenting on their articles. We can even ask questions in the comments to get more information from the author.

We can start writing about what interests us. We can make suggestions in our articles to try and help solve a problem or address something we feel passionate about.

We can even ask others on Folkspaper to share their opinions in the comments at the end of each article. I hope you’ll do just that for me?

The beauty of writing just for the sake of it and for our enjoyment is that we don’t have to be concerned about the expectations of others. How “social” we choose to be is entirely up to us. Personally, I prefer this kind of social media.

What if we want our writings to be read?

Then we need to do some research to find out how to use what we know and love to solve someone else’s problem or answer a question. We can follow other content creators who have similar interests, read their articles and learn how we can best “fit in” to the conversation of articles.

Build and Grow

When we are able to freely write about what we know and love, it isn't that difficult to continue building on that by doing a little research. We can see what questions are being asked in the Google Search Results for a keyword or phrase. We can see what others are talking about in our favorite social media. We can use Google Trends to get more ideas. Our ideas can be general and just focus on finding new ideas.

I’ll talk in more detail about some things that I do in the way of research in a future article.

But what about writing to earn a buck?

To be more specific, let's talk a bit more about websites that pay others to write articles for them.

Not everyone is lucky enough to simply earn money writing about what they love. Especially, if we want to get paid for writing an article online. A website that pays writers for articles has specific criteria. We need to meet their expectations with our content.

We need to do more than just search Google or another popular search engine.

We need to find out if our idea has already been used on the site. We also need to read the most popular articles on the site we want to submit our article to. We can use the submission site's search engine to look for articles that match our article ideas. Using the site search can help us find a need or question that the other articles on the site didn't consider.

We may need to match our writing style to what we find when we read the most popular articles on the site. There are many other things to consider when thinking of being a content creator who wants to be paid for writing articles.

This is a small example of the suggestions found in the writing guide that comes with the “200 Sites That Will Pay You to Write” subscription I recently purchased. You can check out their landing page at I’m not an affiliate and do not receive any compensation by sharing this link with you.

I’m looking into the possibility of earning money by creating content for websites. I will be sharing more of my experience as I explore my own possibilities.

This is the second article in what is becoming a series of articles. If you like this article, I hope you will consider reading the first one in this series called Being Content Creators.

For my next article I want to talk about building a portfolio of articles as another way to get accepted and paid for being a Content Creator.

Never Give Up

Don’t expect to find success right off. I certainly do not.

You will see my writing style change a bit while I try to research, build and grow my own way of being a content creator.

Have you found this helpful?

Do you have any questions?

How do you think I’m doing as a content creator?

I hope you are all staying safe, being loved and caring for those close to you in these difficult times. Remember to keep respecting each other. My thoughts and prayers are with you.